Monday, August 11, 2003

Robert Novak alleged in a column in the Nation that the wife of former Ambassador Wilson, Valerie Plame, was allegedly fired by "unnamed senior officials in the White House," after he raised ire with the Bush administration after publishing an op-ed in the New York Times. In that op-ed, Wilson suggested that the White House had twisted and exxagerated WMD claims.

In recent developments, Wilson told the St. Petersburg Times that he knew who it was that blew the cover of Plame, but he wouldn't disclose it. And he won't back down either.

Wilson will not confirm that his wife was or is a CIA operative, though Newsday has reported that a senior intelligence official confirmed it. Specifically, Plame was reported to be a Directorate of Operations undercover officer. (The New York Times reported Friday that Plame is "known to friends as an energy industry analyst.")

"But," Wilson said, "hypothetically, I will say that if what Novak asserts is true, then laws were broken. And if it's true, they (the administration) took off the board an important national security asset (Plame) in order to protect some yo-yo's political concerns."

He said he believes that political operatives in the White House gave his wife's name to Novak, and he thinks he knows who they are. But he's "not ready, yet" to name them. He hopes an investigation - by the FBI, Congress or both - will take care of that.
So he thinks he knows who it is, but is not ready yet to spill the beans. More pressure for investigations or bluff? To be continued.


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