Saturday, August 02, 2003

In response to Sharon's refusal to stop the construction of the apartheid wall. An honest response and I'm dissappointed it has to come from an Muslim/Arab (note the name). Also recommended is the 3rd letter featured:

Would a Palestinian dare to tell President Bush to his face what Prime Minister Ariel Sharon could? No one dreams this would be possible. But if anyone is still looking for the cause of desperation that turns people into brutal terrorists, there it is, in color, attesting to the complicity of the world's leading democracy in the continued suffering and humiliation of the Palestinians.

Mr. Sharon can now proceed with sure-footedness to embroil his country, the Palestinians (and some say even the Iraqis and other Arabs) in his next act of this long, lethal play.
More casualties: Two dead, four wonded in Iraq this morning. Total dead: 111 Americans since May 2nd.

Muslim WakeUp writes about the clothing brand "Mecca" and if you wear "Mecca" like I do, don't read the comments section.


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