Monday, August 11, 2003

On Christopher Hitchens...
He went from anti-Israeli leftie working with Palestinian hero Edward Said to neoconservative Trotsky-revisionist leftie, not glancing to his sides, to see the forces with whom he's sided with.

The great public intellectual who once stood up for Chile, Vietnam and Palestinians against the imperialist depredations of the West is now a siding with the moral idiocy of the hawks. He's an arrogant prick and his so-called moral thunder doesn't sit well with me. You know why I'm writing this? He did a long piece on that talks about why Bob Hope.....wasn't funny. Ever.. I mean, come on! Becoming an apologist for Bush and the PNAC is one thing, but demoralizing someone's death is another. I've come to the conclusion: Hitchens is an asshole. A sellout. He went were the money was. On the right.


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