Wednesday, August 27, 2003

The Indian Muslim Council-USA condemned the bomb blasts in Mumbai on August 25. More than 45 were killed after multiple blasts in the financial capital.

Rasheed Ahmed, Vice-President of IMC-USA said, "We are always deeply pained by such senseless acts of violence. We callon the Indian government to arrest the perpetrators of this heinous act and swiftly bring them to justice and seek maximum penalty under the law. We are confident that Indian government will not let the violence escalate to avoid further loss
of life and civility. We stand in sympathy with the families and friends of those who lost their lives and call on all Indians to join together and condemn all violence against innocent civilians."
Why do I mention this? Muslims around the world are accused of silently supporting terrorist attacks--"silence is consent"-- because the media rarely or never mentions Islamic condemnation of terrorism. Apparentely and obviously, for the mainstream media, good news is no news (as I've personally experienced throughout the years). Just like today, the blast itself was big news, IMC-USA's condemnation was not. (Google News is useful for the play by play.)

More interestingly, in India (which is home to the 2nd biggest Islamic community) hundreds of Muslims marched in sympathy for the victims and prayed near the blast site for the victims. Any takers from the liberal media?


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