Monday, August 11, 2003

I was notified (hat tip: EI) of a new Guardian article addressing an issue the anti-Palestinian propaganda machine Honest Reporting had raised.

On August 7th the Guardian reported that “the Israelis have arrested almost as many Palestinians since the beginning of the ceasefire five weeks ago as they released yesterday.” The author, Chris McGreal, quoted Arafat denouncing the released as "deceit," in one article. In another article from two days earlier, by the same author, Arafat was quoted as saying, "they say they are going to release 400, and then they turn around and arrest 800. What is this? Deception? Are they laughing at us? Is this the implementation of the road map?"

The propagandists published a "communique" the next day, on August 6th, "encouraging the reader to challenge The Guardian to provide evidence for their claim" that Israel had arrested almost as many Palestinians as it had released. On Saturday, August 9th, the Guardian published a clarification standing by its earlier reporting. The IDF has apparently told the Guardian's Jerusalem reporter that they "have [arrested] 237 'wanted Palestinians' since the declaration of the ceasefire on June 29, of whom 72 were arrested in the first week of August."

I have sent an e-mail to Honest Reporting asking to withdraw their communique or publish a clarification on their website. I also asked them to comment on the Guardian's clarification. No word yet, but if I receive anything, I will let it be known.


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