Monday, August 18, 2003

Mazen Dana, a Palestinian camera-man for Reuters, was shot 6 times and killed by U.S. soldiers while he was filming outside the Abu Ghraib, which is currently being run by U.S. forces. Frames for his last film show a U.S. tank firing at Dana, after which he falls on to ground. Dana was shot numerous times by Israeli soldiers in Hebron and the occupied territories. He was forced to quit camerca-work by his employer, Reuters, and was re-trained as an editor. After the war started in Iraq, Dana picked up his own job and returned to the line of fire. It cost him his life. Dana leaves behind a young wife, four children and an army of people who will remember him as a voice of Palestinians, a hero and an idol.

See here footage of a PBS documentary about Mazen Dana and other Palestinian journalist being shot by Israeli soldiers

Pictures of Mazen Dana

Nightline interview with Mazen Dana


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