Friday, August 08, 2003

AFP reports that capitalism is flying into Baghdad. Dubya appointed Thomas Foley, one of his biggest fundraisers, to run the Business sector and start privatizing. Advice for Mr. Foley: bring pornography for Iraqi kids and the local chapter of the NRA. They just need a 2nd amendment, not guns. They have more than enough of that, including AK-47s. But for second, may I suggest supply and demand here?

But the U.S. forces who seized control of Iraq in April have since discovered vast stockpiles of new, never-fired AK-47s, which U.S. military officials said have been deliberately warehoused for a future Iraqi army.

At one compound of eight concrete warehouses that a company of the 10th Engineer Battalion found in central Baghdad in mid-April, Times reporters watched soldiers form a human chain to fill a truck bed with AK-47s so new the soldiers' hands turned orange from the packing grease.

One officer on the scene at the time called the arms cache a "mother lode." Another said there were so many weapons he'd lost count. First Lt. Matt Miletich, who was in charge of the company, said then that the weapons would be held and guarded until a new Iraqi government and army were ready to receive them.

The following day, U.S. Marines who were securing the city of Tikrit north of Baghdad announced that they had found 100,000 AK-47s there, 80,000 of them in a hospital. And in the months that have followed, there have been almost daily reports of U.S. military units seizing quantities of AK-47s both large and small, new and used.
Are Baathists selling out of hospitals?

UPDATE: I suggested pornography, but I guess not. Well, at least according to John "Screw-Pakis" Aschcroft.


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