Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Paul Wolfowitz, the tabloid reporter Deputy Secretary of Defense, finally admitted that Iraq was not involved with the September 11th attacks. It's pretty sad that this has to be confirmed for so many of us, even though there's not a shred of evidence that suggests that they were involved. Wolfie spoke with Nancy Collins from The Laura Ingraham Show:

Q: Now did you think right away that Iraq could have been involved in this [Ed-note: refering to the 9/11 attacks]?

Wolfowitz: Right away the focus was on what do you need to do. And how do you start shutting down flights and we had several false alarms of flights coming in. There was really frankly I’d say for the first 24 hours too much to do to think about who was behind it.

Q: And when did you start to think that perhaps Iraq had something to do with it?

Wolfowitz: I'm not sure even now that I would say Iraq had something to do with it. I think what the realization to me is -- the fundamental point was that terrorism had reached the scale completely different from what we had thought of it up until then. And that it would only get worse when these people got access to weapons of mass destruction which would be only a matter of time.


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