Saturday, July 26, 2003

I stumbled onto this article about the settler's opposition to the seperation wall (called 'security fence') by the Israelis). But why should the settlers oppose something that promises to stop suicide bombers? Is it because it isolates the Palestinian people from the outer world? Not really.

On the one hand, they hate the idea that Israel will be separated from Judea and Samarie in the West Bank, included in the Bible as part of the promised land.

Nevertheless, if the security fence goes ahead they are desperate to be on the Israeli side, fearful that the days for Jewish settlements marooned on the Palestinian side will be numbered. Ariel, a university town with a population of around 16,000, reflects the dichotomy. "In theory I'm against the wall," Nachman, mayor here since 1978, tells AFP.

"But if the Israeli government builds the security fence despite my objections, Ariel will be included in it," on the Israeli side, because "I have the same rights as people in Tel Aviv," he points out. On Monday Israeli Defence Minister Shaoul Mofaz, told MPs from Sharon's Likud party that the fence would include Ariel on the Israeli side.But in the settlement village of Shave Shomron, a few kilometres north-west of Nablus, Jewish settlers refuse to listen to any talk of a security fence.
But "if the wall has to be built, we need to do everything to make sure the maximum number of Jews are on the inside", he stresses, recognising that his views are a paradox.
Obviously, to "be included" means to annex Palestinian land and make it part of Israel. If the wall is built, than the settlers will be be called Israelis instead of settlers, but the most disturbing is that it would be the biggest land grab. Ever.

According to the pro-peace Israeli group Gush Shalom--and I quote--"the planned wall cuts deep into Palestinian territory, incorporating into Israel about 10%-15% of the occupied territories. It will cut off villages and towns from their farmland, centres of trade, education and culture." But the main purpose of this wall is to justify occupation, or what you now can call annexation, since Israel neither recognizes the Palestinians' human rights, nor are they citizens of Israel. How in the world is the possibility of a "sovereign viable Palestinian state" possible if there's one huge 550-mile long wall in your backyards?

Gush Shalom calls it "a quiet ethnic cleansing" and I have to say I must agree. Any Palestinian that's outside of the wall will be forced to move into Palestinian areas, to make place for Jewish settlers. This is dispicable and shows Israeli intentions. If this wall is not torn down soon, my optimism about the roadmap to peace will be vaporated.


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